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Mike Kashey

Starlit Night

Michael Kashey is a retired art teacher of thirty-six years and is now a full-time textile artist.  His work is a reflexion of his interest in life and his self-taught skills.  Michael has shown his work extensively in national and international shows and has won numerous awards.  He also created works for various commissions and private collections.  His work has been published in books, journals and periodicals.

Michael has two degrees from Edinboro University:  a Bachelor of Science in Art Education in 1964, and a Master of Fine Arts in 1983.  Between those two degrees, he received a Master of Science in Education in 1970 from the State University of New York College at Buffalo.  

In 1964 he married his wife Matti and they have two children, Melissa and Melinda.  For the past fifty years he and his wife Matti have been residing at 111 Brookview Drive, Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

close-up of What's in a Name: Rose Window Tree

Yesterday and Today in Harmony

Pinwheels and Cotton Candy

Lucky Thirteen

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